Lunasin Chemopreventive Properties

Epidemiological studies have shown that consuming soy has a significant impact on improving overall health, reducing the risk of various cancers such as breast, prostate, endometrial, lung, and bladder cancer, as well as cardiovascular diseases. Studies on animal models have also supported the anti-cancer properties of soy by isolating and identifying a range of biologically active compounds or phytochemicals present in soybeans with cancer preventive effects.

One of these compounds, lunasin, has been extensively investigated for its cancer-fighting abilities. Studies conducted on cell cultures and animal models have demonstrated the potent chemopreventive properties of lunasin against several types of cancer, including breast, colon, and prostate cancer, acting through different cellular and molecular pathways.

Research institutions worldwide, including...have conducted these studies, with funding from various sources, committing millions of dollars to enhance the understanding of how lunasin can be used in current and future cancer prevention and treatment programs. Incorporating soy and lunasin into your diet can provide an effective means of reducing the risk of developing various cancers and improving overall health.